Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Smoke Belchers!

Plate # GVD504 (03A Mabolo/Carbon Route)

Plate # GBY297 (Talamban Route)


Abusive Private Cars --

I saw lots of them on the streets, puffing dark smokes in front of traffic enforcers! Huh! Are these abusive vehicles just tolerated?

Plate # : LDL875 (white color)

Plate #: GJR550 (white color)

Please, LTO office, check the owners of these cars.

Abusive Vehicles!

Plate number GE8402 --- smoke belching Motorcycle!

Hassle Van

Plate No. GCV294. This a trailer van probably owned by Wilkins Purified Water. This van and a couple more would park along A.S. Fortuna road during peak hours of the day causing long traffic. Would someone look into this?

Friday, April 28, 2006

WIRES all over!

Gee, what a shocking scene!

Wires dangling over our main thoroughfares. They're there for so long already because our local officials merely stopped thinking that the longer the wires hang over our heads (in other cases even touch our shoulders) while we stroll the sidewalks, the greater are our risks of being electricuted. This photo was taken in front of USC-TC.

And there are more like this around the city!

What are you doing guys?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Smoke Belcher #2!

Another jeepney offender plying the Talamban route:

Plate number GXA710

Traffic enforcers, it is now your turn!

Smoke Belcher #1: HELP!

I hate to see smoke belchers running on our highways! These vehicle owners must know that there is an existing Anti Smoke Belching Law under the Philippine Clean Air Act that fines and penalizes them when caught in violation.

I will post the first offender:

Plate No. GWB775 (62B) -- Talamban Route

It is the duty of our traffic officials to spot this jeepney and apprehend the driver.

Our officials must see to it that:
1. There is a strictl implementation of the law regarding smoke belching vehicles.
2. There is proper education for public awareness on the importance of environmental protection and the proper education on the ill effects of air pollution.

Why you should be a concerned citizen!

“I am a firm believer in the old cliché ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ and since I owe so much to the village that raised me, the least I can do is pass it on and offer my services to my ‘village.’"
-Sarah Tibesar

"Community service is an important part of who I am. It’s that little part of me that academics, friends, and even family can’t fill. It is the satisfaction of knowing that I am not just taking from the community, but rather growing with it."
-Jay Beerman

"I am more patient because of community service. I appreciate what I have more because of community service. I also appreciate hard work."
-Jeanné Lewis

"Service is important to me because I feel that I must do my best to make this world beautiful, be it through small or large actions. "
-Jessica Lauren Friedman

"Service is an educational experience, it is a social experience – it’s fun."
-Jessie Long

"It is about changing attitudes about doing community service. You are not just doing something for somebody else. It is not a charity case. It is a service. And if you open yourself up to the experience, it’s helping you just as much as it is helping them."
-Phyllis Jackson, Event Services

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-Sara Lense

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